Terms & Conditions

Account Charges

All account charges incurred shall be invoiced at the end of the month in which the journey is travelled.

Additional Charges

All parking charges, bridge tolls, ferries crossing charges will be added to the client invoice. All accommodation charges for overnight requirements will be charged at cost and a fee of £80 added to the client invoice.
Any damage to the interior or exterior of our vehicles, deliberate or accidental, will incur a fee for cleaning or repairing. The fee will be added to the client invoice.

Cancellation Charges

The cancellation of a booking with less than 24 hours notice from the original booking time may incur a 50% fee.
Cancellation fees related to all long term lease agreements will be subject to the agreed signed terms of contract.

Disorderly Behaviour

DBC Cars Ltd. reserves the right to refuse travel should the passenger cause a nuisance or risk of danger to other passengers or DBC employees. Should travel be refused a charge for the journey will be added to the clients invoice.

Hire Period

The hire period will start when the driver arrives at the agreed collection address and ends when this car returns to the office, except when a fixed charge has been agreed, special rate or contract fee. For all timed bookings there is a minimum charge of 4 hours.


Clients must provide full insurance cover for our drivers when driving client vehicles.
DBC Cars Ltd. holds Public Liability insurance which covers all services and Hire & Reward.

Mileage Charges

DBC Cars Ltd. does not charge for mileage unless agreed to charge base on distance travelled. This pricing model is available on request

Our Responsibilities

We shall supply all inclusions of the hire as specified in the booking confirmation.
We will take responsibility for our employee acts/omissions.


We reserve the right to change any vehicle booked. Vehicles changed will be of an equivalent or superior standard. If a superior vehicle is provided not by client request DBC Cars Ltd.. will incur the expense.

Wedding Deposits

Vehicles booked for weddings will be subject to an agreed non-refundable deposit.


DBC Cars do not accept responsibility for;
Bodily harm, injury, sickness or even death except when caused directly by a DBC employee. We are covered by insurance for all passenger travel as part of public liability insurance.
Delays caused by weather conditions,
Amenities supplied by third parties i.e. ferries, hotels or any other party contracted by client,
Any theft, damage to property of the signatory or parties travelling as part of the contract, except where such theft or damage is caused directly by a DBC Cars Ltd. employee,
Any delays caused by strike action,
Acts of God or conflict of war or force Majeure.

Working Hours

DBC Cars Ltd. is open for business 24 hours per day 365 days per year. All bookings for Bank and public holidays require 48 hour notice and special rates may apply.